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 About us

Our health journeys have been challenging and extremely different, yet the outcome has been the same. Being prepared allows you to make the right choices for your health, preventing setbacks. We have met many others along the way that have also struggled to maintain a simple gluten and dairy free lifestyle while living in this demanding fast-paced world. We both have a passion for eating easy homemade delicious food that makes us feel satisfied and symptom free. Helping people confidently eat with ease, be stress free, have no fear and enjoy each day is what we do here at Nourishing Life.

About Emma

Hello, I am Emma Butler a real food loving nutritionist and a mother to one lucky toddler. I am half the brains behind Nourishing Life. For the past 20 years I have been on my own journey of intolerances and gut healing. I have experienced first hand the impacts that gluten and dairy can have on your body and the challenges that you must overcome to live a healthy happy life.

As a child I loved food. I remember when I was about 10 my weekend highlights were going to the farmer markets and buying freshly made pesto that I would indulge myself in. I loved flipping through recipe booking and taking clippings from recipe magazine to make my own collections to cook.

I have not always been healthy. I was not unhealthy either. There was nothing medically wrong with me. I just felt yuck! I began to think this was normal. I thought body aches were normal. I thought eczema was normal. I thought brain fog was normal. Little did I know I had been in poor health from a young age.

It was not until I was a teenager, I was asked about my bowel movements for the first time. A naturopath asked what they were like? I replied normal. What is normal? My normal is not your normal (by the way if you are not having a bowel movement 1-3 times a day. That is not normal). Although I was cringing talking about this subject. I was also curious. Something lit up inside of me and I began to explore natural health.

I went on to university where I obtained a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. Quenching my thirst for knowledge of how the body is designed to heal itself naturally! It does this through real food which is provided free by Mother Earth.

In today’s fast paced stressful world, feeling unwell and putting up with symptoms of dis-ease is normal yet unnecessary. With a little education and the right kind of guidance you too can live a happy healthy life.

About Steph

Hi, I am Steph, I’m 41 and a mum of 2. I am gluten and dairy free and I love food! Eating is my hobby. I enjoy creating flavour from simple ingredients, so that I can make delicious meals simply and quickly for my family and friends. 

After the birth of my first child 21 years ago, I got my first symptoms. Extremely painful stomach cramps, constipation, and diarrhoea. The episodes would last for hours and happen sporadically. I was diagnosed with IBS and had no idea how to manage my body. Trying to cope with my body’s symptoms whilst working and raising a young family became very tricky.

Seven years later my family moved from the UK to Australia. We were all very excited about coming from a big English city to a beautiful idyllic beach town. Almost straight away my symptoms were out of control and worse than I had ever experienced. The stomach pains were intolerable, and I had started vomiting. It seemed like every time I even thought about food the pains would start again. I lost an incredible amount of weight and looked as ill as I felt. The strength of the wheat in Australia was stronger than the UK and my body simply could not cope. After months of investigation, I learned that I had multiple food intolerances.

I started to research and learn about a gluten and dairy free diet and what that entailed. Supermarket options were limited and eating out was almost impossible. I knew I needed to create meals that everyone in my family would eat and enjoy and that wouldn’t make me sick.  Fast forward 12 years and here we are,  I want to share all that I have learned and created with you and your family.